Services – Mezue Associates



  • Valuation of interests in land and buildings for various purposes such as sale, purchase, mortgage, insurance, acquisition/compensation, probate, stocks and shares, balance sheet, taxation, development/construction, etc.


  • Management of estate/property, infrastructure and facilities.
  • Feasibility/viability appraisal of development project

Estate Agency

  • Estate agency of selling, buying or letting real or personal property or any other interest therein, whether by private treaty or auctioneering.

Property Valuation

Valuation of plant and machinery, furniture & equipment, fixtures and fittings, stock-in- trade, motorized vehicles, engineering infrastructure & installations/system, oil and gas installations, aviation and navigation installations, aircraft and ships/vessels


  • Consultancy on property rights acquisition and transfer, including procurement of Certificate of occupancy, land registration, site and planning analyses, land information and land reform, etc.
  • Conducting survey of the condition of buildings and services thereof and advising on their maintenance, alteration and improvement, urban renewal, rehabilitation, etc.
  • Conducting property/building inventory and audit for various purposes including maintenance of property/asset register.
  • Construction/project management, including project analysis, project team co-ordination, project finance procurement and syndication.
  • Conducting environmental impact survey, audit, analysis and valuation