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Property Management


The goal in professional property letting and management is to handle the property in such a way that the landlord obtains optimum return and satisfaction from his/her ownership of the property. Similarly, it is also the goal that every reasonable tenant obtains maximum occupational benefits and satisfaction from his/her occupation of the property.


Generally our property letting and management functions include, among other things:

  1. Letting premises, checking in new tenants and checking out the outgoing ones.

  2. Advertising vacancies and reaching out to prospective tenants.

  3. Negotiating terms of new tenancies and tenancy renewals.

  4. Liaising with solicitors in drawing up sound tenancy agreements.

  5. Collection of rent as at when due, and accounting same to client/landlord.

  6. Advising client/landlord on rental value and rent reviews.

  7. Reviewing rents when appropriate, negotiating its agreement and ensuring compliance.

  8. Attending to the problems of landlord and tenant, advising on responsibilities, and ensuring the enforcement of landlord and tenants obligations/covenants.

  9. Ensuring that outgoing tenant’s repairs and tenancy terminal obligations are carried out.

  10. Recovery of premises to meet landlords needs.

  11. Ejecting bad tenants and screening for good tenants to replace them.

  12. Advising landlord on statutory obligations to public authority and public good, including payments of property rate, ground rents, insurance premium, etc.

  13. Ensuring that the property an facilities are well maintained for their functionality, and;

  14. Organizing tenants and users of facilities to ensure good tenancy mix, good security and cleanliness, settlement of utility service bills like water and electricity bills, harmonious relationship that eliminates clashes arising from conflict of interests, and management of service charge on tenants account.


Our office is computerized for accounting, Statement of Account is printed out and given to the client/landlord either on his/her demand or; on his/her standing instruction of accounting to him/her quarterly, half yearly or yearly.

The client/landlord has options on how the rent would be remitted. The following options are open;

  1. Visiting the office and collecting cash with the Statement of Account

  2. Visiting the office and collecting cheque with the Statement of Account

  3. Giving us address of where his/her cheque would be forwarded together with the Statement of Account

  4. Opening a bank account and giving us the account number for the rent to be paid into the account after which the Statement of Account would be forwarded to the client/landlord.